An Amazing Secret – Undiscovered for more than 80 Years!

For more than 80 years, Stabilized Oxygen has been sitting on the shelves of holistic practitioners and health food stores and no one was any the wiser about the amazing health properties it held in secret.

Finally one day, someone used some of it by adding an activating agent to it (in the form of vinegar) and what is probably the most amazing immune system booster ever developed was discovered.

Jim Humble – the inventor of MMS

This discovery was made by a man called Jim Humble who it is claimed has managed to cure diseases like malaria, aids, herpes, hepatitis and a whole myriad of other diseases in days instead of it taking months and years. It is a discovery that has given millions of people all over the world hope for survival from dreaded diseases. Some diseases are never cured by modern medicine but apparently this discovery has the potential to cure almost any disease known to man.

It is a story of discovery and the battle to bring the good news to the world. It is a story that can help you and your family hope for freedom from disease without invasive treatments and therapies.

The miracle supplement

At the center of this discovery is a product which is called “Miracle Mineral Supplement”. It is created by mixing a solution of sodium chlorite and an activating agent like vinegar or citric acid and is then taken internally where it does its magic and kills off pathogens that cause disease in the body.

Jim Humble reveals the whole story of how he discovered this miracle mineral supplement and how he used it to cure thousands of people in Africa from a dreaded disease called Malaria in a book about The Miracle Mineral Supplement.

After only a year of the book being published, more than 200 000 in America have been using it and hundreds of lives have been saved because of it. Stories  of people overcoming incurable diseases are being reported  every day.

This book is available to you  FREE for download today.

In this book Jim tells you everything you need to know to improve your health and the health of your family by using MMS. He reveals how it is made and what it is made from. It could save your life…

Part 1 – 3rd Edition


Part 2
3rd Edition


miracle mineral supplement

miracle mineral supplement

While MMS Part 1 gives you details of the miracle discovery, this book contains the details of the secret solution, shared with the public openly so this secret will never be lost.

It tells you exactly how to manufacture it in your own kitchen, how to use it, how to cure colds in its tracks in an hour, how to cure the worst of flu in 12 hours or less, how to treat cancer, AIDS and hundreds of other problems.

Every household should have this book!

The good news is that you can make this miracle mineral supplement in your own itchen for literally pennies and it is made with substances that are readily available and very cheap to obtain.

You can save hundreds of dollars off your medical bills, medicines and over the counter medications by using the information in this book.


In 5 minutes from now you will be able to start on the road to recovery either for yourself or a loved one!


Download your copy of THE MIRACLE MINERAL SUPPLEMENT – THE BREAKTHROUGH – today, and I will throw in this report for free:

MMS Therapy which is published by Nexus Magazine.



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