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One Minute Cure by Madison Cavenaugh

The One Minute Cure was pioneered by Madison Cavanaugh after the death of her mother due to colon cancer as well as the death of her grandmother due to a cancerous tumour of the brain. This inspired her and she vowed to find a cure for these diseases and what she found now has the capacity to cure virtually every disease ranging from HIV AIDS to cancer.

She stumbled across the One Minute Cure whilst researching oxygenation and was amazed to discover that it would lead to whole tumours being disintegrated after consummation of this substance. Amazingly it also showed hope in the prevention and curing of AIDS.

This cure consists of a substance that is an effective cure for most ailments and diseases but this fact is not well-known as it is not yet considered a medicinal treatment. As it is found naturally it could not be developed and marketed as a prescription drug and therefore cannot be sold to patients.

Being a natural liquid means that it is incredibly cheap, costing only 32 cents a month. However, this does cause problems when it comes to funding for spreading this knowledge, as the fact that the substance itself cannot be sold means the only way to spread the word is by selling the information. Once the information has been sold it is then reinvested so as to tell even more people.

Some of the most powerful knowledge of the 21st century has been brought to the worlds attention by Madison Cavanaugh.

1 Minute Cancer Cure

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